No Fixed Abode


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As part of the wider Homeland research project, No Fixed Abode along with Cat Moir and Charlotte Morgan produced a series of prints for the Spike Island Artists' Book and Zine Fair with the intention of developing a visual language for Homeland's main research strands.

In response we wrote three pieces, one of each focusing on Guy Debord and his suicide, the duality of Radovan Karadžić, and the eventual madness of Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche. These were each used as muses to delineate thoughts on the frailty/impossibility of the human condition, the question of madness itself, and the topos of capitalism.

Theoretically, they speak about the subjective relationship to the world - cognitive/psychological, experiential and political. However it must be remembered that these constellations are, at least superficially, overwhelmingly pessimistic and as so it was wiseto keep a critical head ‘on’ while engaging with these subjects, so a degree of abstraction was agreed on in order to approach these points best.

A selection of images were collated that we each felt expressed aspects of the trinity. These ranged in candour and subject but eventually were reduced down by a series of aesthetic and subject oriented decisions. These were then composed into three still life’s and ‘recaptured’.