No Fixed Abode


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Caban Unnos: It’s Now or Never was a collaboration between architect Tony Broomhead, environmental programme manager Dan McTiernan, broadcaster Aled Samuel and ourselves. The result was a series of workshops and public talks on clandestine building, vernacular architecture and issues of urban land ownership, geared towards the construction of a one-night house in Alexanderplatz, Berlin.

We took a metaphorical point of departure in the globally recognised legislative loophole, borrowed from the Welsh tradition of the ‘ty unnos’ and the ‘turkish gecekondu’, that if a house could be built in one night on common land then the structure must be allowed to remain. The structure was erected and dissembled in one night with the help of over one hundred hands and minds; it truly was a one night house.

Caban Unnos: It’s Now or Never was commissioned by for New Life Berlin, 2008.