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On April 7th 2011, Toby Huddlestone and ourselves – proposed an experiment at the The Woodmill's closing event S.A.G.S. Thoughout the event, spanning the 9th April to 1st May 2011, LuckyPDF’s media construct of video cameras, lighting and rigging; akin to a makeshift television studio was available to artists to conduct live interviews or events. On invitation, we were more drawn to the idea of being around at a moment in the studios assemblage. We decided, then, to record a dialogue that has been developing between the three of us - with the least formality - for several months, returning repeatedly to ideas on history, politics and utopia. With the integral media in place, we asked LuckyPDF to continue as they would if we weren’t there in constructing the studio around us.

The co-ordinates of this experiment were in large part set by LuckyPDF, as the studio setting was by this time more refined. In working with the space that they were temporarily inhabiting at the Woodmill they had discovered for example in their search for under-floor power sockets that the carpeted floor panels could be turned upside down in order to reveal the aluminium casing, so the whole room was transformed. The table-tennis table, which had been part of the room already, was lowered into a space vacated by removing a section of the floor panels. This was then under lit with some spare neon strip lights and provided a useful means of defining the parameters of the set. It also provided a platform on which to place one of the display monitors. Also of use were the transportation boxes for the monitors that could be used as plinths for the monitors themselves. They had also suspended a painting from the ceiling as a backdrop to the studio setting, contributed by an artist visiting from the Netherlands.

Entering into this updated scenography, we set up the three screens roughly in equivalent proximity and direction to how we sat during the initial dialogue, with the chairs shadowing them to the side. In addition there was one monitor with footage of us all and another linked to a camera on live feed. We set all the monitors going simultaneously, with equivalent volume so as the discussion could be played out again. It quickly went out of sync and the content of the dialogue receded with it. It was never our intention to publicly refine and impart knowledge onto the viewer so this acted as a formal negation of that. In order to extend this further we masked out our faces on the screens labeling them T1* (Toby), T2 (Terry) and R1 (Robert). Instead of mask the faces, it rather distorted them due to the translucence of the tape. The idea was that in rendering ourselves anonymous (or coded), we would remove further the faces from the characters we assumed, as we all felt uncomfortable with how our way of speaking shifted within this construct.