No Fixed Abode


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Longlife does not yet exist, at present it is a fully functioning quarry. But by the year 2049 a plateau of urbanisation and the increasing use of other construction materials have meant that the demand for the quarry’s resource has dropped. Speculators have noted this projection and are proposing to secure the quarry as a site for the development of a unique living community.

Longlife, charts the initial visit of a representative of the collective, for whom Longlife is merely a vision. The visitor has travelled alone from Brazil to this remote area in central England where he is met by a local quarry worker. The film posits a personal reflection on places borne out of the removal of land, and the potential obsolescence, not only of resource and produce, but of heritage and identity.

This film was commission by Sheffield Contemporary Art Forum as part of The Sheffield Pavilion 2009, a collection of films produced by Sheffield based artists. The DVD was released at The Buyuk Londra Hotel alongside the Istanbul Biennial 2009.