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In May 2012 we were invited by curator Atillia Fattori Franchini to develop two events alongside the show The Function of the Oblique. For the first event - THE OBLIQUE: A METRIC FUNCTION BETWEEN OPERATION OF HORIZONTALITY AND THE VERTICAL - a screening of Graham Ellard and Stephen Johnstone’s works Neue Museen and Things to Come, along with Daniel Eisenberg's film Displaced Person was followed by a dicussion between Daniel Eisenberg himself, along with artist and Utopianist Dan Smith, writer and curator Gil Leung, and Dr Amanda Crawley Jackson around the historical context and potentiality of the oblique. The event aimed to be an opportunity to reflect on how thinking through obliqueness requires us to look at the multiple dimensions of its conception - exactly what the oblique may represent as a tool to appropriate space and create instability, one that forces the body to adapt to disequilibrium and vertigo, raising the possibility of an oblique subject. Interestingly a notion of resistance seems to be of key importance to how a philosophical justification for the oblique may operate.

Starting wide of the context of the oblique, the event positioned a discourse of horizontality, groundlessness and contingency - both physical and perceptive - to look towards an active, embodied philosophical space.

We would like to thank LUX for their support with this event.

For the following event -THINKING THE OBLIQUE TURN AS A BILDUNGSROMAN WITH A SHITTY ENDING - curator Paul Pieroni [ SPACE ] led a wonderful talk and AV presentation, problematising the concept of an oblique subject as a metric of reference developing a line through countercultural politics, the geopolitics of pimping and the notion of the 'bad hippie.'