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05th June 2011
We moved into the Redundant Architects Recreation Association in Clapton, as a self-initiated residency. The aim of this was, for several months, to intensify our time together within a dynamic space of cultural production, in order to ÔproduceĠ for several upcoming shows/events.

Throughout June and July, we took up an available architects easel as our desk, spending our time doing our more administrative work, talking about RARA with those that brought RARA into being and those that have been working through RARA (as architects, interior designers, furniture designers, music video producers, a milliner, RARA residents, ÔinternsĠ, students, friends of friends) about RARAĠs identity; about potential new avenues for the space. We also spent a great deal of time communicating with those mentioned about their individual practices, and of course by speaking of our previous activity. In particular though we felt it important to communicate our upcoming project The Long Avant Garde.

28th July 2011
With the help of Charlie Hope, we installed UV strip lights at both RARA and Cartel. Please read the communiquŽ here, which although was produced for the RARA Retrospective show at SPACE54, it articulates the ongoing propositions.

29th July 2011
The Long Avant Garde opens at Cartel Gallery. The show runs until 10th September 2011.

04th August 2011
RARA was invited to produce a retrospective show at Space 54 in Shoreditch. For this we produced the above communiquŽ as a way making the discussions that we had been having with RARA active, even ÔliveĠ, within the retrospective itself.

05th August 2011
We extended our apologies to Anthony who had been working for a few weeks in the particular space in RARA where we had inserted the UV lighting. The guys had been working on a complex display for a shoe shop in Shoreditch, which consisted of hundreds of perfect white shoe boxes bound together to create a large architectural installation. The whole process has been perfectly orchestrated, with latex gloves and dustsheets, so that the boxes remained untarnished. We were told that the UV lighting had attracted thousands of flies which, getting trapped, had died and fallen onto the boxes. Fortunately, this did not damage the work.

09th August 2011
With the RARA Retrospective closing on this day, the communiquŽs were returned to RARA and distributed to each of the current users of the space, so as to relay back the ongoing discussion and to keep it active.

10th August 2011
We took around 100 of the remaining communiquŽs to Cartel Gallery and threw them though the door so that they scattered over the floor.

14th September 2011
After taking down the UV backlights from Cartel and RARA, we took them to Leeds to install in the Black Dogs organised exhibition Next to Nothing. The exhibition resulted from a series of collective meetings and conversations around notions of value questioning worth and materiality. Indeed the Redundant Artists ReCreation Association is an immaterial construct relying on its discussion of worth for its existence. The backlights then were an ideal riposte to the intentions of the show and a continuation of the Associations ephemerality.