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In recent months, a growing number of autonomous groups have been forming in cities internationally with the aim of providing support structures for the reading and interpretation of Karl Marx, activating his texts as catalysts for discussion and action. From April 2011, new reading groups will meet in Sheffield, London and Liverpool to study Capital Volume 1 with the aid of David Harvey’s free on-line video lectures, operating autonomously but forming connections through the reading and discussion that will develop.

We will look at Karl Marx's Capital not to find answers but to refine and extend a shared sensibility with theory becoming actualised through social activity, levelling rarefied discourse while in the process marrying theory with agency.

If you are part of a collective or group that is interested in reading Capital Volume 1 in 2011, or if you would like to organise or join a group please get in touch with your name and location. At your request we will aim to put you in touch with others in your area.

Also, if you are already part of a group that is reading Capital Volume 1 or planning a similar uptake please get in touch.

There will be a bi-weekly Capital reading group at [ space ] in Hackney, London every second and fourth Thursday of each month 6.30pm - 8.30pm, starting on 14th April 2011.

[ space ] Mare Street, 129-131 Mare Street.